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Reduce Your Overweight Patients' Risk of Type 2 Diabetes with Simple Nutrition Tips.

Posted by Lesley Asendorf on Apr 13, 2017 1:35:00 PM

According to The Centers for Disease Control, in 2016, more than 29 million Americans, or approximately 9% of the population, had diabetes.  Of the more than 29 million, 21 million were diagnosed, and 8 million were undiagnosed.  Another 86 million American adults have pre-diabetes, the precursor to type 2 diabetes.

Shocking, isn't it?  That number is only going way up as more of our population becomes overweight and obese.  

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How to Talk with Your Weight Loss Clients About GMO

Posted by Lesley Asendorf on Apr 6, 2017 5:02:00 PM

As a weight loss provider you've probably struggled with helping your clients better understand nutrition labels.  You are not alone. Confusion has increased over food labeling as the FDA has made stricter guidelines and topics like Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have made headlines everywhere!

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Are Your Weight Loss Clients Too Busy to Stop and Eat Healthy?

Posted by HealthWise on Mar 29, 2017 11:00:00 AM

The average person has very limited free time -- only around 16 hours per week according to Harris Interactive. Most people are busy traveling to and from work and doing other activities, usually with a cell phone, smart phone or PDA in their hand - performing what is defined as "gray time" activities. 

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How to Motivate Clients to Use a Daily Diet and Exercise Journal.

Posted by Lesley Asendorf on Mar 15, 2017 7:15:00 AM

Studies have shown that people who keep daily diet & exercise journals are more successful in losing weight and keeping it off than those who do not.  

So why is it that so many people trying to lose weight don't keep a journal?

The simple truth is...nobody has made them do it!

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Get Your Weight Loss Clients to Fall in Love with Their Salads Again.

Posted by David Thompson on Mar 2, 2017 7:32:00 AM


Hearing..."Salad, Again?"

Well, share these great suggestions with your clients!

No one likes a boring salad. Unfortunately, when we are working to lose weight, we tend to eat quite a few of them. It doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t get stuck in the rut of throwing lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers into a bowl and calling it a salad. There are so many things you can do to make a salad a feast for your eyes and your taste buds.

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How to talk to Your Primary Care Patient about Weight Management.

Posted by Lesley Asendorf on Feb 16, 2017 12:49:00 PM

We live in a world of sensitive individuals where "fat shaming" is a growing topic of concern so where do we draw the line at being politically correct? With over 69 percent of obese American adults in the U.S. we can't afford Primary Care Physicians to be more worried about offending their patients than giving them the appropriate medical care.

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Here's the SKINNY on Oxytocin, Love, and Weight Loss.

Posted by Lesley Asendorf on Feb 6, 2017 4:30:00 PM

Remember way back in high school when you just started pairing up with a new guy or gal – kinda made you feel sick to your stomach to be around them but at the same time felt “SO GREAT”?!!  

Yup, those were the days...and, well...that was hormones. 

Oxytocin, or better known as the "Love Hormone", is responsible for those crazy, wonderful, care free feelings associated with young love. Oxytocin is released when people snuggle, kiss and make love!  

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Help Your Clients Get The Most Out Of Their Meal Replacement Shakes.

Posted by Lesley Asendorf on Jan 12, 2017 11:49:00 AM

Traditionally, nutrition has been about providing nourishment to populations and over time has become more and more focused on individuals. This more individualized approach to nutrition has allowed consumers to influence the meal replacement market and shape it into what it is today - consumers making purchasing decisions based on their ability to lose excess weight and defy the effects of aging.

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How to Turn New Year's Diet Resolutions into Life Long Healthy Habits.

Posted by Lesley Asendorf on Dec 30, 2016 3:42:00 PM

So, here you go again...another new year and another parade of new diet enthusiasts marching through your clinic door, determined to make their new year's diet resolution a success. You hear, "I'm going to "stick" to my diet this year and lose 30 pounds by March, eat salads for breakfast - lunch - dinner and absolutely zero snacking in between and I need you to help me do it!" I'm sure you've heard that over-promised, over-enthusiastic tone one too many times to only experience these new diet enthusiasts giving up and quitting your program by early February. "Not off to a great start" you think to yourself.  Sound familiar?

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Holiday Diet Survival Guide

Posted by Lesley Asendorf on Dec 9, 2016 11:45:00 AM

Holidays are always a stressful time, but even more so for the holiday dieter.  The thought of sitting down at the holiday dinner in front of all those scrumptious, fattening, delectables is enough to make you want to pull your hair out...or someone else's!  

Holiday over-indulgence can lead to guilt, remorse and further over-eating, creating a cycle of diet sabotage.

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